NCSBN Awards Dinner Programs
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Each year, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) holds an annual Awards dinner to honor and celebrate different nursing executives and nursing boards for their work. Here are the Awards dinner programs from the last three years.
2010 Awards Dinner, Portland, Oregon
Theme: Pioneering the Path for Public Protection
Gold ink printed on cover; Copper stitching; Wooden branches on cover in binding
2011 Awards Dinner, Indianapolis, IN
Theme: Transforming the Future of Regulatory Leadership
Reich Shine Paper in Onyx (cover) with gold foil; Reich Shine Paper in Pearl (body);
Pocketfold cover to hold dinner favor (gold bookmark); Gold stitching
2012 Awards Dinner, Dallas, TX
Theme: Driving Onward: Harnessing the Strength of Regulatory Leadership
Body: 80.0lb Warm White Sundance Felt Text
Cover: 158.0lb 25pt. Tan SuedeTex Cover
Copper foil; Emboss; Brown thread stitching
2013 Awards Dinner, Providence, RI
Theme: Illuminating the Past: A Beacon for the Future
Body: 100 lb. Classic Natural White Classic Crest Smooth Text
Cover: 111 lb. Curious Metallics Cover in Nude
Embossed images; Silver starfish/sand dollar embellishment; Magnet closure