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    This project shows our company's fundraising premium products, focusing on desk calendars and posters.
Unique Premiums for Non-Profit Fundraising
Say "Thanks" with a product that is appreciated and actually used!
These difficult economic times present a major problem for non-profit organizations. Support is becoming harder and harder to come by but the need continues to grow. It is our theory that although finances are tight for almost everyone, many potential benefactors cannot afford a large amount but are willing to help with a smaller donation. It is human nature that we like to know that our support is appreciated by organizations and that a quality gift goes a long way toward filling that need.

Unfortunately, most premium gifts spend their lives in a drawer, never opened and never used. Our goal is to provide our customers with attractive, high-quality and, most importantly, USEFUL products that keep your organization in mind daily. This ensures that your benefactor maintains a positive feeling about your shared cause and that keeps the door open for your next fundraising campaign.

The gallery below illustrates the kind of quality products you can expect from Tannery Creek Publishing. We look forward to working with your non-profit to make your next fundraising campaign a record success!