Underground parking garages

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  • Underground parking garages

  • When my eyes saw something, my imagination wants to see something else.
    I have always found underground parking garages fascinating, mysterious and incredibly frightening... when other people find them boring... and just usefull to park their car...
  • Parking entrance
    I do not have any plausible artistic explanation to justify this visual obsession of parking garages...
  • The tunnel
    That photograph was made in an underground parking in Paris, but my imagination wanted to be in a derelic spaceship...
  • The tunnel 2
    Photograph made in a underground parking in Paris. I use bracketing and combinaison of multiple shots to get at the same time those shinny lights and huge areas of shadow.
  • Welcome to parking club
    I have always found underground parkings fascinating, mysterious and incredibly frightening... Recollection of the introduction of the movie Highlander are without doubt my greatest source of inspiration for this photograph.
  • Empty parking lot
    How to photograph an empty space is not an easy process, in that case an empty underground parking lot.
  • Lumière des néons - ombres du parking
    The theme shadow and light battles with the architectural and urban landscapes theme for the authorship of this photograph : neon lights struggling against shadows generated by the architecture of a parking ground.
  • La place 409 du 4ème sous-sol
    The car parking space number 409, located on the 4th sub-level ... we heard mysterious stories about this car park and some are not recommended...
  • Parking garage spiral
    A new immersion into the architecture of an underground parking garage in Paris, but this time to frame curved lines instead of the classical linear perspective of a parking lot.
  • Crime scene
    After drowning, heart attack following a drug overdose, here is my death from the attack of the parking lot serial killer or of a monstrous entity that lurks in the shadows ...
  • I parked my car
    When I saw this huge empty space suffused with this red blood light and I immediately remembered 70-80's movies from Brian De Palma and giallos from Dario Argento. I also like this idea to park his body as you park your car...
  • Champs des possibilités
    I've always been amused by the extreme codification of communication in urban spaces, based on signs and minimalist pictograms .... The stream regulation logic and absolute ergonomics have covered some locations with an absurd and quite surreal layer.
  • Red underground walkway
    The underground car park des Grands Moulins in the 13th district of Paris has been designed by architect Pierre Gangnet. This parking provides specific color lightnings to each level and the result is a true visual trip...
  • Empêcheur de tourner en rond
    Un empêcheur de tourner en rond (literal translation : someone who practises obstruction by preventing a thing to turn around : spoilsport in english) is a french expression I found delightfully absurd. This is sufficient reason to tell that metaphorical expression into image.
  • Colored exit
    In the case of the parking des Grands Moulins, the lightings of the architect Pierre Gangnet transform this ultra-functional urban scenery governed by strict rules of ergonomics and workflow, into something alien, another world where human being has no real place anymore.
  • The great hall
    Still at the underground car park des grands moulins in Paris. Probably the car park of every serial killer living in Paris :) I love those curves after huge straight perspectives of the previous photographs.
  • Border color
    With his multiple neon lights and different colors, the fifth level of the car park des Grands Moulins in Paris becomes an unreal location.
  • Perspective RVB
    As a child, I was always fascinated and at the same time scared by tunnels. Fascinated by these huge endless perspectives with neons lights. Scared because I thought tunnels were being closed after a certain hour. At the time, I had a lot of imagination ... and was a bit dumb. Today, I still have lot of imagination ! :)
  • Perspective RVB 2
    A new fluorescent perspective of the underground parking garage des grands moulins.
  • The sweetest perfection
    A new photograph at the le parking des Grands Moulins in Paris. I just want to get a simple photo (at last !) to illustrate the architectural beauty of this place with the right lights...
  • Facing the void
    When I enter an underground parking garage and that I come across with an absolutely empty level, at that moment, there's a little party in my brain :) As a kid, I start to run in all directions in a state close to the excitement, looking for the best perspective, always with the oppressive anxiety that a car arrives at the last minute to ruin my perfect frame ...
  • The gateway
    A character in the shadows behind a gate preventing him from entering into the light ... Well, we'll avoid wallowing in religious imagery please, it's just a guy who lost his keys, a bit annoyed to retrieve his car, nothing more:)
  • Emergency exit
    You have no idea how it's difficult projecting its shadow with a form looking like the little guy on emergency exit sign, especially when shooting in long exposure, standing still on one leg :)
  • Down in the ground
    I had already had a glimpse of this beautiful concrete descent punctuated with neon lights, but inevitably the door closed after a few seconds. So let me thank this anonymous neighbor, who forgot last night to close the door of the underground garage of the building adjacent to mine.