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    Manual Coffee Grinder inspired by Bauhaus and Dieter Rams. Rendered in Showcase and post-production in Sketchbook Designer .
2nd Year CAD-CAM Project

CAD-CAM Project in which we had to come up with a design for a sustainable domestic product, no electronics allowed! My design partner and I came up with this design for a Manual Coffee Grinder. We took insperation from Bauhaus and Dieter Rams. 

We where critiqued on the size of the product, but we wanted to ceate a manual grinder that could compete with the electronic ones ability wise and not compensate performance to accomadate for the brief. We recieved 82% overall for the whole project, although there was plenty to be improved upon. 

Render created with Autodesk Showcase and Postproduction in Autodesk Sketchbook Designer. 

Facsimily model made using CNC machining with high density modelboard, then painted and veneered acordingly.