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    Set of photos of Viviane Favery, brazilian mountain biker and road cyclist, blogger, sport marketing agent
Don't let be fooled by her beauty or her pearl earrings. Viviane is a girl of fiber.
While planning her photoshoot, a research about her taught me she was a strong competitor, making things like a trip to Santiago de Compostela, a huge competition called Tour de Los Andes in South America among other incredible deeds.
At the time of our first meeting, she was wearing a splint on her left arm.

Days before, on a saturday, she was training for a mountain bike competition to be held on sunday. It would be her jump from amateur to pro category. Then, during the training the unexpected happened. She crashed, falling on the ground while crossing a railway track and injuring her left hand. She suffered much pain but didn't give much attention, nothing beyond making a curative later on and done.
Despite of the pain, Viviane competed the following day, finished the race succesfully. Pictures of the event, mainly the ones from the 2nd half of the race show her scowl caused by the injured hand.

After the race, she decided to go to an hospital and make a proper x-ray examination. To discover a broken metacarpal bone, the one that connects the smallest finger to the wrist, or let's say the outer side of the palm. She needed to undergo surgery urgently.
The greatest surprise of all this story is that she not only finished the race succesfully and jumped from amateur to pro, but
With a broken hand!
And I didn't know about this story before because she just don't like bragging about it. See!

As a cyclist (and male, not wishing to be sexist), I felt so fragile in front of this small, vain and delicate girl. Couldn't believe her story, strong girl...
Photos: Leo Cavallini / Studio Sopa
Post-production: Bruno Cas / Terapixel

* * *