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M2G "White Bat" Space Business Craft.
Is a Spaceship designed for future's sector of Space Tourism, its basic concept is to maximize the performance for the future trips into space at 100km.to 120km. of altitude, using the same trip to carry out multiple actions.
M2G "White Bat" is... "one trip, maximum performance"; doing Space Tourism and at the same time putting in orbit a mini communication satellite or launching a Drone to study different extreme atmospheric phenomena from high altitudes, or experiment the most extreme conditions with the best sensations and excellent views of the Earth, leaving alone into Space a passenger with his return's vehicle, or just like a platform to train the future astronauts.
What (How) would be the M2G "White Bat"? ...
Built with the latest generation of materials, so composite materials with a mixture of carbon fiber, glass fiber, epoxy, kevlar...; alloys of low density, flexible and ultra-resistant metals. It could be equipped with two Advanced and Versatile engines (next-gen engines with the best properties from the jet engines and commercial engines- ADVENT-) in a central-rear disposition to obtain a better distribution of Spaceship's masses and a Hybrid rocket engine to reach the Space at 120km. of altitude; together equipped with redirection's thrusters in front and rear part to keep the Spaceship the maximum time in "Zero Gravity" and to redirect it. The combustible (fuel) tanks of these two propulsion systems are on the central-lower part of the Spaceship to get the best distribution of the weight in all trip stages.
The 60% of the M2G "White Bat" primary structure would be composed for the engines and combustible (fuel) tanks, all the rest of the structure is composed of a payload bay with robotic arm (which puts quickly in orbit the payload) in the front  side and in the  middle of the spaceship the passenger and crewmembers place. Manufactured one-piece fuselage section; could be equipped with variable geometry wings, localized in lateral and rear parts; the lateral wings would be equipped with special Sharklets "Long rail" in Double wing, to smooth the airflow across the upper and lower wing surface near the tip and to reduce the lift-induced drag, in "normal" position; and in vertical position to control the re-entry of the Spaceship. The wing positions are controlled by a fly-by-wire system and Spaceship's computers.
The M2G "White Bat" could transport in its payload bay; vehicles and artifacts like...:
- The Space Throne. Is a compact capsule to transport a passenger, keeping HIM/HER saved from the extreme conditions into Space at 120km. of altitude and guiding HIM/HER in the descent way with a "controlled free fall". Inspired in  a Babington ball, the basic concept is redirect and control the airflow in the fall, through ducts and valves in lower side and in the fuselage with two diffuser ducts, while a hydraulic pumps changes the gravity's center, moving hydraulic liquid to lower and upper parts and vice-versa from Space Throne. Only for extreme Adventurers or as a training for futures Astronauts.
-The X-Weather, a small Drone equipped with observation and measurement systems to study extreme atmospheric phenomena, like a Hurricane.
-The Twin Heads Rocket, a small rocket with the capability to put in orbit Mini-satellites at LEO Orbit; 100% reusable because uses the same system of re-entry of NASA's Space Capsules.
Tourism or... M2G