Modern women's life is not easy... Doing the housework, looking after the children, working, earning money and at the same time being attractive and beautiful of course... Actually we have the brain to do many things at the same time, but sometimes we feel we need 3 more pairs of hands... Well, even design is not capable of doing that (yet) but with a little bit of change on the almost-everyday-used hairdryer it can make your life easier. When drying your hair you keep changing positions (especially if you have long hair), but i couldnt say that the form of a normal hairdryer allows you to hold it at a right, convenient angle in every one of them. I wanted a hairdryer what enable the user to hold it in different ways but what also can let your hands free (to use a hairbrush, a toothbrush, your cellphone, a book....etc).
The result is: mindblowing freedom!