Salient Point was a four-piece metal-groove band from Boston, Massachusetts, with the publicly and proudly proclaimed M.O. of "making bang the head that does not bang." Shortly after the band formed in 2013 our worlds collided and the journey began.

The band had recently changed their name after going by Moon-Shot for a short period, and were eager to solidify an identity they could tap into and release their thrashy metal grooves under. During one of his college classes, original band member and drummer Jair Robledano heard his professor utter the phrase that would eventually serve as the symbol for the band and the message they stood for – Salient Point.

Aggressive, confrontational, and uncompromisingly metal – the logo that would bear this name had to command an unmistakably bold presence.

Multiple rounds of exploration revealed possible matches for the band logo's visual aesthetic. Part of the process involved researching and delving into the history and culture of classic rock and heavy metal band logos, t-shirts, and album covers.

This exploration led to a full immersion into the modern heavy music scene. Nights spent sketching in Allston jam rooms while the band practiced their latest songs or frequenting underground shows in secretly-located venues soon became a regular part of my day-to-day.

Gathering momentum, the band soon took the leap from being members of the crowd at small punk rock gigs throughout the Northeast, to taking the stage and delivering high-octane live performances – commencing with their first gig at (now-closed) Two Boots in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Despite some setbacks in securing a stable bassist and vocalist, the band continued practicing and playing shows, eventually amassing enough songs for an EP – what would come to be Salient Point's self-titled debut release.


Borrowing equipment I had access to via a college class I was taking on audio and studio recording, I assisted the band with their earliest rough recordings – converting the tiny jam room into a makeshift recording studio. 

After a few more bassist and vocalist lineup reconfigurations, the band eventually regained their stride in 2016 with Nick Bruno on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Jair Robledano on drums and vocals, Tyler Wozmak on lead guitar, and Tom Domincovich on bass and vocals. This was also the period when they began defining what they stood for – promoting a message of fighting for yourself, following your heart and empowering others around you. 

The band went on to release their first and only studio album – ReProgrammer – in 2017, releasing the album in its entirety on the Internet, free of charge.

Internal dynamics, external commitments and the relocation of the original lead guitarist ultimately led to the disbanding of Salient Point. While a future reunion seems unlikely, the music and memories live on. The band's early recordings and debut album can still be found online at:

soundcloud   |   youtube   |   facebook   |   reverbnation