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    680 ac mixed-use master plan
In collaboration with Civicworks, I created a master plan for this 680 ac mixed use development, including commercial, office, recreational, school, multi-family and single family residences. I provided topographic and drainage analysis, conservation area analysis, stormwater management conceptual design, open space design, and all hand renderings.  We collaborated on built form and neighborhood character precedent research, street typology design, and master planning.
This complete community is supported by amenities like open spaces, parks, and institutional uses like schools, churches, and continuing care facilities to allow residents to age in place. The grid-based design is an intentional deviation from typical suburban design, centred on short blocks to create a high-quality walking experience on as many streets as possible.
The vision is that by the year 2030, this will be a vibrant community including 5000 plus homes, 12 000 residents, and 2 400 jobs.
The immense amount of surface parking required by mixed use schemes like this can be daunting, but was handled by internalizing parking on 'B' streets, and fronting buildings on high-quality pedestrian oriented 'A' streets.
At the core of the plan is the village centre, including a special High Street that deviates from the grid slightly to highlight an interesting and very pedestrian oriented area. At the confluence of 2 streets at the centre of the retail experience is a public plaza, a vibrant people oriented place where people can socialize, soak up some sun, and relax.
A big part of the open space strategy includes conversion of Longview Trail into a narrower, residential scale street that fronts onto a linear parkway featuring a stormwater conveyance and infiltration swale.