941 Geary: The City We Love
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Preview folder of works to be exhibited in "The City We Love", available for sale through Nine Four One.
The City We Love: An Exhibition of Bay Area Artists 
David Ball: Images and Press Links
941 Geary highlights the works of internationally recognized contemporary artists and provides them with a space in which to activate the projects, installations, and exhibitions that push the boundaries of their own creative practice. Building on the success of White Walls and Shooting Gallery, curator Justin Giarla dedicates this exhibition space as a gift to San Francisco, offering its programming to the local and global arts venue as a way to engage in a cross-cultural dialogue and present 941Geary as the flagship gallery of the Urban Contemporary genre.

The City We Love exhibited the art of APEX, Casey Gray, Chad Hasegawa, Chor Boogie, David Ball, D Young V, EZRA, Hugh Leeman, Jesse Hazelip, John Felix Arnold, Luke Todd, NEON, Silhouette, Teen Witch and Vogue.

The show was co-curated by Justin Giarla and local graffiti practitioner APEX featuring new work from artists actively engaged in San Francisco’s graffiti and street art culture.

"Pilgrim", David Ball ©2011. All Rights Reserved, Mixed Media on Panel. 24"x36" No Longer Available
From the Curators:

“I just felt that it was time to focus on doing a show with just San Francisco artists." "The artists that we work with are here because they love it, they could easily make it in Los Angeles or New York, but they (just like us) choose to be here.” – Justin Giarla

“There are always lots of (San Francisco-based) artists that get picked up and taken out of the city, you know, to play on the international street art scene. But this is the place they call home” -APEX
"Gaunt", David Ball ©2011. All Rights Reserved. Mixed Media on Paper. 22"x30" No Longer Available
"Feral", David Ball ©2011. All Rights Reserved. Mixed Media on Paper. 22" x 30"