More digital artwork
A few more pictures created with Photoshop Elements 3, this time illustrating a story that I wrote called 'Smile'....(Nur nicht lächeln! in German, Prince Sans Rire in French, etc.) which was published about 2 years ago. I have included two different cover versions. The story is about a new Prince, born with a smile on his face (no... it's not wind!) but into a land where everyone had forgotten how to smile. Alarm and panic breaks out across the land (called Grumpy Land) when the King first sees his new son... Doctors and experts are called in and everyone believes that the baby Prince must be seriously ill because of his strange expression... Slowly though, and in spite of the entire population's best efforts not to fall victim to this dreadful disease, the contagious smile is too powerful and things begin to change in Grumpy Land...