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Die Registratur – 350 pieces of Poster Artwork
Information on the client
Die Registratur was an institution in Munich's subculture and nightlife scene from 2003 to 2009. Established by architect David B. Walker as a subculture platform for a variety of event types including DJ sets, live acts, club evenings, concerts and readings, Die Registratur was known throughout the international electro scene for its discerning booking policy and outstanding party nights.

Development of a design framework for visual communication of own and external events.
Poster designs for 350 Saturday-evening events from 2003-2009.

The posters had to fulfil two initially contradictory purposes. On the one hand, they had to engage with each artist featured, enabling the artist's personal characteristics to be visualized in unique icons or symbols. On the other hand, they needed to clearly communicate Die Registratur as the originator. Designliga solved this contradiction by using a literal interpretation of the concept of 'Registratur' – filing system. Design elements inspired by official forms were used to overlay the subjects of the individual posters. The artist's own visual communication was given free rein to take up the entire format of the poster beneath. The artist and the club were thus fused into a functional unit. Die Registratur became the 'keeper of event records'. Die Registratur posters thus brought new life to the poster art scene moribund at the time, and were a dominant feature of the Munich cityscape from 2003 until the club's closure in 2009.