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Salon Nemetz – Interior Design & Branding
Interior Design
„Hairy Hell”
Christina Nemetz is the ringmaster of Munich's hair fashion scene. Disarming, spontaneous and a polarizing force, she brings the full extent of her passion, expert advice and craftsmanship to each individual client. Clients at her salon come away with not only a new hairstyle, but also an insight into the avant-garde pulse of the city. 
A stage for Christina Nemetz and her craft.
- Corporate Identity
- Interior Design
Workshop, stage, social space. These were the criteria and objectives of the functional, content-based and visual guidelines for aesthetic implementation.  
Every day a little different to match the day's outfit: business cards.
8 different layouts x 2 different colourways x 30 materials = 480 different business cards 
Bureau for Visual Communication and Interior Design
Salon Nemetz – Interior Design & Branding

Salon Nemetz – Interior Design & Branding

Büro für Visuelle Kommunikation und Innenarchitektur Hans-Preißinger-Str. 8, Halle A
 D-81379 München