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    Visual Identity and logotype for El Sireno de Getxo, the installation in Ereaga Wharf, Getxo, Basque Country.
El Sireno de Getxo
Client description: El Sireno de Getxo is an installation of a photograph in Getxo, Bilbao. Created by Begihandi, a Basque cultural association that organize the International Photography festival Getxophoto.
Brief: In 2008 they presented as part of the festival an installation in the Ereaga wharf of Puerto Viejo de Algorta, a photograph by Marcos López “El Sireno del Río de la Plata”, a curious installation since it is a photograph, and offers different readings depending on the tide. To create a logotype for the photograph/installation that aims to be the new icon of the city. It has to be simple, recognizable on small scale, friendly, easy to apply to multiple merchandising pieces. Target audience, 20-50s, locals and visitors from abroad.
Approach and solution: We made a synthesis of the photograph on a basic illustration taking only the character of the Sireno cleaning the lines and adding the pattern of dots that works as the tail scales and also gives the volume to the flat silhouette. We used the typography as a “wall” where the Sireno leans on.