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Gathering and Dispersing
      Every day in school students and school staff members interact by gathering and dispersing. At the beginning of the day, everybody on the campus gather to begin a day of learning. After stu­dents and teachers meet, everyone disperses to their individual class pods. Once they are there gath­ered again,they’re once again dispersed into smaller groups to their individual classrooms.
      During recess time, students gather in a courtyard or playground space to interact with each other and play or talk. After recess the process is repeated when they once again retire to their individual class­rooms.
By the end of the school day, students and teachers disperse completely towards their home where they would go on with their daily activities, awaiting for another day of learning, gathering and dispers­ing.
      Located in the horn of Africa in eastern Africa, this 1,104,300 sq km landlocked country has a diversi­ty of terrains and climate. The predominant terrain is high platea with central mountain range divided by Great Rift Valley. The climate is mostly tropical monsoon with wide topographic-induced variation.
     Ethiopia is divided into nine regions. The Komame is situated in the Afar Region. Afar is locat­ed to the NorthEast of Ethiopia in the African Conti­nent. Each region is divided into zones. Afar is divid­ed into five zones. Komame is located in zone five.
      The Afar region is located to the northeast­ern part of Ethiopia. The Afar depression, also known as the Danakil depression, forms the northern part of the region and is largely desert scrubland with shallow salty lakes and long chains of volcanoes.
Afar is the lowest point on earth, much of it being below sea level. Afar is one of the hottest places on Earth with temperatures topping 50 degrees centigrade in summer.
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