For the launch of Cœur de Pirate’s new album "En cas de tempête ce jardin sera fermé" (a sign seen in Parisian public parks), we created an interactive musical bench designed to discover her new songs. Simply sit on one side of the bench and have someone else on the other end, & the seats will join together to allow you to listen to samples from the album. This subverted public bench, inspired by those found in Paris, represents the paradoxical, dual and poetic nature of Cœur de Pirate’s lyrics

Conception and Design: Harrison Fun
Creative Director : Francis Desrosiers, Harrison Fun
Designer : Amélie Benoit, Harrison Fun
Production Manager : Lisa Arduini, Harrison Fun
Artist: Cœur de pirate
Label: Dare to Care
Production: Harrison Fun x Dare to Care
Craft Manufacturing: Robocut Studio
Cœur de Pirate

Cœur de Pirate


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