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Skoda Superb: Website Design
Skoda Superb: Website Design
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01 | Objective
The objective of the project is to redesign Skoda Superb website by improving the number of test drive booking in the company.

02 | Business Problem
The ŠKODA Superb is under-performing and not hitting sales targets.

03 | Target Demographics
The target demographic of this project will be Men between 50–65 years old. Married. A person who usually drive as the main driver. Someone who are ABC1, people who have more education and better-paid jobs than those in other groups. Someone who spend money more carefully. Loves Golf and Motor racing.

04 | Task
To deliver test drives by redesign Position it as Luxurious.

05 | Findings
Based on the demographic, what are the seniors usually looking for a car? Below are the few highlighted points:
• Offer above-average visibility
• A high number of safety features
• Easy-to-use infotainment
• Easy access
• Family-friendly car
• Spacious and comfortable entering and exiting the car
• Good ride quality

06 | Current Website Design
Below are the screenshot for the current Skoda Superb website.
07 | Website Analysis
Before I redesigns the website. Here are the few website analysis that I’ve found.
From the current website, it provides a lack of car features and specifications. With that, it doesn’t showcase the speciality of every model. The user might think it just looks the same for all models. Other than that, it only shows the price rather than explaining what is the range of car. The website button for “Test Drive” doesn’t stand out and user might missed out the “Test Drive” button.

08 | Key Suggestions
Therefore, here are a few key suggestions for the new website:
Provide Key features, highlights and selling point of the car. Give more information or explanation of the different models. Make “Test Drive” button bigger and stand out. Shows more images of car specification. For example like the car engine, car interior and so on.

09 | Website Proposal
With the following key suggestions. Below are the website that I’ve created.
10 | Other Suggestions on promoting Skoda Superb
Based on the objective of “increasing test drive” in the website. Here are few suggestions that client might consider doing.

For example like, creating a test drive campaign on the busy street. Creating social media click-through ads, creating print and digital ads and creating YouTube video on test driving.
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Skoda Superb: Website Design

Skoda Superb: Website Design


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