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  • HEARTBEAT is an interactive audiovisual installation that reacts to human presence.
    The structure responds to the volume number of persons existing in the room increasing the number of heart beats per minute, the volume and the intensity of the video, releasing several video clips.
    There are 4 different video clips, each tied to one of the following themes: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The fifth element is the people, the love, the pure creative energy emanating from the creative center, present in all compounds and is considered
    the cause or origin of the other four elements.
    “No heart beats alone. All humans are connected and this is the very essence of the human condition.
    The beat of one´s heart is with no doubt connected to the one that is next to him.
    Love is the drive that keeps us going. Self love, mad love, pure love for one another.
    And only this can make us go through life and find peace amongst each other. 
    We are at every heartbeat.”
    Miguel Pratas