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    Fundamentals III Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah, GA
FOLKLORE | a multicultural market
Broughton St., Savannah
This multicultural center/ market will be a place where international people living in Savannah, GA will have a chance to show the locals and tourists all the beauty that each single culture can hold. In the city of Savannah there are many international students that wish they could show others what their culture is about and what it can offer to locals. By having this multicultural center, I will provide these students and others, a place to show and teach others about their FOLKLORE.
DNA| analogous system for market:
DNA double helix is made by the bonding of four bases: Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine, which contain the genetic code in the DNA. I related this sys­tem to my building because just as there are four bases that come together to cre­ate individual identities, there are different components that shape the FOLKLORE and entity of each distinctive culture.
Broughton Street Elevation