The Myth Criticism Logo

The ACIS Research Group, from the University Complutense of Madrid, studies myths in contemporary art. They lead research projects, organize conferences and edit scholarly books that deal with myth criticism. 

This was a logo for their work.

When I was Technical Coordinator and Webmaster of the IV International Conference of Myth Criticism "Myth and Emotions", I was tasked with designing the notebook, umbrella and crossbody bag that would be given to paid participants of the Conference. 

The idea we started with what doing the typical conference merchandising with the dates of the conference, the place and the university. What I pitched at that moment was challenging that old design and instead focusing on a new one that gave more importance to the abstraction than to pure information. After all, no one wants to wear an umbrella or a bag with dates on it. 

What I was looking for was for something simple that encapsulated the academic work that is done by the ACIS group, the international conferences, etc. 

This quest for simplification led (rather obviously) to the words "Myth Criticism" and the University Complutense, which is represented by the swan wing.

The logo and the merchandising associated with it was a success, and we used it subsequently in other conferences and events.

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Myth Criticism Logo


Myth Criticism Logo

The Myth Criticism logo was created for the ACIS Research Group, from the University Complutense of Madrid.