&More by Sheraton
Morning & Evening & Coffee & Wine & Talks & Friends & Work & Talks & More at Sheraton

Together with Sheraton we celebrate gathering and high energy of togetherness at the brand new communal lobby space &More. You will say: “Alice and Mike”, or “Jack, Susan, Angela and Chris” when you talk about community. There is always an “&” that becomes a symbol of the space.

At &More you can find anything you need and more. Great coffee & fresh juice & pastries at the morning and craft beer & wines & snacks later the day. It is dynamic through the day and perfect for any occasion from Sunday market event to casual meetings with friends or occasional workspace. That’s why we call it &More. 

Brand identity is based on an unlimited play of words that forms the mood from morning to evening, from work to fun, from caffe to bar. The sequence always ends with &More. 

As the space is to be activated at more that 400 locations around the world we keep the identity variable with different & symbols and with rules around use of Sheraton brand colour pallet. This way &More New York and &More Shanghai will keep their own authenticity.  

.Oddity took charge for Name & Branding & Guidelines & Application & More. 

In collaboration with client .Oddity team
Creative Director: Alice Mourou
Art director: Rosalie Chan, Gus Cheung 
Designers: Alan Wa Lun, John YU
Animations: Nikita Shchukin
Account management : Kirill Runkov

&More by Sheraton
Multiple Owners
Alice Mourou