Postcard for grocery store, Queens, NY.
Corporate flyer for Employee Stock Ownership Plan Capital Strategies, NYC, NY.
Logo for overseas company.
Pencil sketch. 1997. Zamosc, Poland.
Photo editing, puzzle effect.
Photo editing, polaroid effect.
Photo editing, soft brushe edges effect.
Photo editing, mosaic effect. Sharp colors.
Photo editing, old film effect.
Postcard design for corporate valuations firm, Los Angeles, NY.
Business card design for contractor, Long Island, NY.
Postcard; new hire announcement.
Front side of the postcard.
Website banner advertisement.
 Cover of two-fold brochure for British and USA co-op.
Inside pages of the two-fold brochure.
Website banner ad.
Corporate postcard.
Tri-fold brochure for real estate office, Astoria, Queens, NY.
Logo design.
Half-page advertisement of corporate sponsorship.
One-page corporate flyer.
Half=page advertisement in musical program.
One-page self-promoting flyer.
Sample press release on corporate letterhead. Corporate letterhead dsign.