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Armin Stegbauer: punk, Greenpeace activist and cafe owner, on a mission from the heart. His aim: to free cakes and gateaux from their years of imprisonment behind the bars of crocheted doilies, cologne and dusty Sunday tradition. Stegbauer, saviour of „Cafe Kubitscheck“ in Waldfriedhofstrasse, a traditional Munich confectioner‘s from the 1950s, has made it his goal to revamp the confectioner‘s tradition for the modern age. But not without taking on board some endearing aspects of Germany‘s confectionery culture that are worthy of preservation. One route to his goal is the campaign „Torte an anderen Orten“ [„Gateaux On the Go“], exhibitions at unexpected locations in collaboration with artists, creative minds and lateral thinkers of all kinds. Stegbauer‘s mission statement expresses the uncompromising quality standards he applies to his products: Fuck the Backmischung! [Fuck the Cake Mix!]

A district with history as the new home of the movement. Munich‘s Westend district houses a cross-section of social classes, all of whom leave their mark. Migrant workers, intelligentsia, students and tradespeople, coexisting in mutual understanding and respect.

Design packaging for the movement.
- Corporate Identity
- Interior Design

„Tell me what music you listen to, and I‘ll tell you who you are“ was among the principles that served as a blueprint, starting-point and road-map for the look and feel of the campaign and for the subsequent implementation of „Das Neue Kubitscheck“ (The New Kubitscheck).

Multifaceted and dynamic. Free from rigid frameworks or visual museum pieces. The corporate design needs to be vibrant, in a state of permanent flux and change, adapting to developments instead of compelling alignment. The focus is the statement „Fuck the Backmischung“, as the journal, menu and mouthpiece of the movement
Bureau for Visual Communication and Interior Design
Das Neue Kubitscheck – Interior Design & Branding

Das Neue Kubitscheck – Interior Design & Branding

Büro für Visuelle Kommunikation und Innenarchitektur Hans-Preißinger-Str. 8, Halle A
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