Happy People | Northern Soul 2000-2010
Still Youth At Heart.
For more than 10 years the people at HP has been providing kids from all over Europe with cool and innovative looks. Their store has been around forever it seems, while others has come and gone. Just goes to show, You can't keep a good gang down! Today their business is blooming it seems and although they've moved to different cities they seem to keep the creative flow going. Since a few years back their main window of business has been their webshop where people from all over the world today can order clothes inspired by the arctic trends and traditions. Recently though, they've closed their store in Luleå because of disagreements with their landlord and has now relocated their store to Sundsvall, a city far south of Luleå. So sadly it seems that an era of cool kids in Luleå has come to an end... So I just thought I'd pay homage to the kind people at HP they only way we know how these days. We give credit where credit is due! You deserve it :) Damn the man!

Image is part of the 365project (so the amount of work that went into the images is no more than 1 hour).