This project is a collaboration of six friends at "Santa Fe University of Art and Design".
Every year there is an event at our school called "Outdoor Vision Fest" which is a space where students are given the opportunity to show their work, projects that are related mainly with projections and interactive media.
This year we decided to participate in the event with something huge and exciting, that would attract the crowds attention from far away. We worked through several ideas and concepts, and finally we decided to build a giant head structure that depicted the clash of cultures.
We gave the head different masks and different faces that were based on ancient cultures.
We hope you enjoy our project, and the process we went through as much as we did.
Project Members.
- Livier Cortés
- Abe Schor
- Arnold Mateos
- Aldo Vidrio
- Humberto Irigoyen
- Pablo Byrne
Working through different ideas for the shape of the head. We wanted a head that had hard angles, so it would be interesting to map on, but simple enough that it would be easy to build.
Every week we discussed and critiqued our process.
We built a scale model to run some tests.
We printed and tiled each piece from the face at the scale we wanted it and use them as guides to cut each panel of the structure.
Still rendering and animating a few hours before the event.
Show time!
Thanks to all the friends and teachers who supported us on this project. Cheers!!!