Project area: 84 sq.m.
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
Architect: Mikhail Ivanov

This apartment is for couples who are interested in music and travel around the world. This space is often visited by guests, children, friends.
The main idea of the apartment is the possibility of combining the study with the living room, using sliding partitions. Then the sound of the piano can fill the entire public space of the living room, and a pleasant evening with dinner can smoothly move to listening to records, memories and pleasant conversations.
The entire color scheme of the apartment is bright, the main emphasis on furniture, as well as items brought from travel. We deliberately did not use floor-length curtains in the apartment, so that the room seemed even more airy.
Interesting details include a marble table carved from a single piece of stone, Casamania & Horm chairs symbolizing the silhouettes of a sitting person, a soft and comfortable sofa from BAXTER, specially designed plaster panels with an ethnic pattern in the bedroom, coffee tables made of wood and storage systems from Rimadesio.
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Mikhail Ivanov