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Material Things
Fine Arts
Sanctuary for the Crone, Chroma Projects, 2017
Sanctuary for the Crone, detail of crone journals, 2017
Sanctuary for the Crone, detail of crone instructions, 2017
Feathers and Weights, silk organza, soil, marble powered, cotton floss, lead weights, mixed media, 108"x108"x120", 2016
Feathers and Weights, Performance titled Sweeping Up, 2017
Drowning Dress, silk, embroidery, lead weights, 2013 In tribute to Virginia Woolf
Drowning Dress (detail)
Third Eye Crying Collar, lace, horsehair, embroidery floss, opal bead, 2014
Weeping Veil, lace, horsehair, 2013
Weeping Veil (detail)
Extra Sensory, leather gloves, horsehair, 2013
Tea with Mother, cotton, bone china cup, red dye, 2013
Tea with Mother (detail)
Box of Choices (invented magic), mixed media, 2013
Sweetheart, fear not, for you have choices. 
To choose you must weigh your options. 
Write down your options, A and B with the pencil of truth. 
Place them inside the box of choices in the lettered compartments.
Inside the box you will find the weight of decision. 
It is a small ruby captured in a vial to give you clarity and wisdom, 
repel evil, and take you home (there is no place like this). 
The ruby is bound to a teardrop of lead to ground you. 
At sundown, place the weight of decision in the compartment
with the option you are most compelled towards. 
Close the box and go to sleep envisioning your choice. 
You will awaken ready to take action.
Maritime, Anchor, chain, leather glove, velvet, 2013
Cerulean Blue (artist's tears), Glass ship in bottle, lead fishing weight, horsehair, saline, pigment, 2013
White Sensory, leather glove, embroidery, horsehair, 23"x5", 2013
Underthings, velvet, ebroidery floss, crinoline, 2014
Kitchen Witch, cotton apron, embroidery, 17"x28"
Mrs. Chatelaine, laser cut aluminum, chain, kitchen tools, 120”x 36”x 24”, 2014
Best in Show, ribbon, egg tempera, 2014
Best in Show, Detail, 2014
Cotton Cap, 2014
Two French Maids, embroidery on cotton, 2014
Two French Maids, detail, embroidery on cotton, 2104
Material Things

Material Things

Installations and textile based poetic objects made with hair, fabric, embroidery floss and other materials.