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    Time 3 weeks Tools Adobe Indesign CS5.5 Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 Adobe Illustrator CS5.5
Sportmaster is the largest chain of sport stores in Denmark. Sportmaster sells sportswear and equipment to the entire family. The target group is people interested in sports, but also include those who just need leisure wear for a walk.
Problem and solution
Sportmaster is not updated since the 80s. Their visual expression does not support who they are. In a way the customers can get the impression that Sportmaster is a discount store without the latest products and a bad customer service. In addition to that, Sportmaster does not differentiate markedly from the competitors.
My target in the assignment has been to differentiate Sportmaster relative from the competitors, so that the target group find it profitable choosing Sportmaster as their favorite sport store.
Sportmasters existing logo contains a ball. However, Sportmaster is much more than sports with a ball, I have chosen to cut the ball away. Instead the logo then represents sports in general. The expression must be versatile as the target group is much more than athletes. Sportmaster got their existing visual expression in the 80s. Therefore, it is important that the new design speaks loud and clear, and it is easy for the target group to recognize. I have designed the logotype with soft shapes, to express confidence and kindness. To create a unique expression and to give the logo a touch of activity and a sporty feel, the logotype design is made edgy and dynamic. Sportmaster is the only Danish chain of sport stores who currently has green as a corporate color, and that is why I have chosen to keep it. With the domination of the green color it is easy to recognize. 
Their private label series, is named Master. I have chosen to use the same font and green color as the main logo. This is to make it clear that it is Sportmaster’s own brand. The images are black and white so the green color is more forward. To speak directly to the target group and promote the decision-making-process, I have chosen authentic images in the right mood. In that way the target group will automatically think of the active life they would like to be a part of.
To differentiate Sportmaster in proportion to the competitors, I have chosen to make their regular customer club into a social network, called ChallengeMe. You have a profile on the website and it is possible to download the ChallengeMe app. The app is used when you are working out. The time, speed etc. is saved at the profile and it is possible to compete against friends. When using the app you collect points, which is possible to use to buy equipment in the Sportmaster store. Furthermore, ChallengeMe, in collaboration with Sportmaster, organizes sports events, so that members are constantly motivated to compete and exercise. The social network creates a universe which the target group is directly interested in and wants to participate in. With ChallengeMe I have created new ways to sell sports wear and epuipment. In that way Sportmaster is differentiated markedly from the competitors and they get attention on a new level as a chain of sport stores.
Fictional school assignment, School of Visual Communication, Denmark
Private label
Social network