ŠKODA Presentation
ŠKODA Presentation
Immersive show with a dome projection at the presentation of ŠKODA RAPID and ŠKODA KAROQ.
In December 2019, the presentation of new ŠKODA models was held at the St. Petersburg’s Planetarium 1. The idea of ​​the presentation was proposed by the ŠKODA AUTO Russia automotive concern.

The XYZ studio, taking into account the client’s vision and objectives, has developed and adapted a panoramic dome projection using optimal and original solutions.
Within the framework of the project, the 5 minute lasting content was created and synchronised with LED screens installed all over the planetarium space.

Immersive performance captivated guests on a journey from the surface of the Earth to the edge of the solar system. Through the interstellar portal, they moved to the distant galaxy ŠKODA and witnessed the birth of new stars – ŠKODA RAPID and ŠKODA KAROQ.
Say hi to the Martians
At the edge of the Solar System
Into the Unknown
Welcome to the ŠKD Galaxy
Through the nebulae
The Supernova is born

TMA-Draft Agency

XYZ Moscow
Creative Director: Maxim Deev
General Producer: Zarina Isabekova
Art Director: Maxim Meshkov
Artists: Maxim Meshkov, Sergey Nikitin, Andrey Flat, Vladas Kazanavichius, Artemiy Perevertin
Music: Alexander Zaripov
Director of Photography: Andrey Kashurin
Operator: Andrey Kashurin, Semen Skalkin
Editor: Tima Kasaev
ŠKODA Presentation
Multiple Owners
XYZ Moscow