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    Design of an electrically powered super-sport racer. Designed and developed during my graduation thesis at the Delft University of Technology.
VertiGO | Electrically powered motorcycle
The subject of this graduation project is the design of a supersport motorcycle powered by an electric engine, and in more detail the analyze of the influence of the drive train (engine,battery, and computer) on the archetype of a sportive motorcycle.

A sportive motorcycle is fast, very fast! The idea people have about electric powered vehicles is that these behave stupid,slow and clumsy. The opposite is true! Electric powered vehicles have relatively small engines but have a lot of torque present instantly, which ensures a very swift acceleration,beating most current motorcycles.
The drivability of a sport motorcycle is defined by more than pure acceleration, how it handles and takes corners might beeven more important. To design a motorcycle that handles light and agile; the position of the centre of gravity is one important factor.

So an electric powered motorcycle can look very different from a ‘normal’ motorcycle, due to its drive train. This drivetrain calls for another type of interaction between the userand the motorcycle. This interaction is analyzed in this design,and the way it influences the overall design has had its effecton the final prototype of the VertiGO.

The VertiGO is a concept motorcycle illustrating the possibilities offered by a revolutionary drive train. This projectputs ingrained prejudices behind and show that an electric powered motorcycle will be high-tech, radical, nice to ride and an very special experience! It is a showpiece for the motorindustry to smoothen the acceptation of electric powered motorcycles.
The clay model almost finished..