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    "Generation of Winter" of which I curated the layout in Gipsoteca Canoviana of Possagno.
Asolo Art Film Festival exhibitions 2012
Museo Gipsoteca A. Canova, Possagno, IT
Artist: Polina Pakhomova
Exhibition design: Max Foytik

"Generation of Winter" of which I curated the layout will be open to the public in Gipsoteca Canoviana of Possagno.

‘Generations of Winter’ is a new visual interpretation of a historical novel, written by V. Aksyonov. Stalin’s repressions and The Great Terror theme was taken as the main subject for new visual response.
Listed on 500 unbound sheets are the names of 500 individuals, who were repressed and executed or died in camp during Stalin’s Great Terror time. Cited by name, date of lives, and state with brief description of their occupations, and in most cases, with a defaced photographic image of the victim. Erasing/ defacing was one of the forms of falsification that Stalin’s system widely used. People has been erased not only physically during ‘Purges’ but errased from our history and memories.Unbound format of the book provides possibilities to increase the victims collection with times, take pages out easily or change them according   different sequences and categories.