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NFL Network Motion Graphics 2019 Case Study
NFL Network
Motion Graphics 2019
Case Study

NFL100 Initiative
creative director: Carlos Aguero
art director: Jeremy Wabiszczewicz
producer: Courtney Graham
design + motion: Kate Mrozowski, Conor Scully, Jeremy Wabiszczewicz
The NFL100 Initiative is a year long celebration of one hundred years of NFL history. Our task was to implement a unified design direction across all content developed by the Network’s Culver and Films studios. We adopted the following mantra:

Celebrate the past. Look to the future.

With this as our a north star, we set forth developing a plethora of motion graphics elements and toolkits in support of the NFL’s 100th season, beginning with the NFL100 Originals ID.
NFL100 Originals ID
The Originals ID is a :05 animation attached to NFL100 branded original content. Our task was to convey 100 years of NFL history resolving to the NFL100 3D logo in 5 seconds. Our solution was to adopt a flip-book technique using the NFL100 gold football’s surface quadrants as the transitional device between archival footage.

As the animation came together, we used a modular technique to project archival footage onto the football. This allowed us to create different versions of the ID that evolved over the course of the 100th season.

The picture-in-picture motif, the modular ability, and the cinematic aesthetic were well received so we decided to use these details as our core creative tenets going forward.
NFL100 Roundtables
NFL100 Roundtables was a 10 episode, beautifully photographed, series where a changing cast of players observe and share stories from their time in the NFL. We set out to create a title-sequence that changed with each episode and selection of players based on the previously established tenets.
NFL100 Generations
NFL100 Generations was a short form 12 episode segment series where current NFL stars invite the legends they've looked up to for one-on-one film sessions. For this brief title sequence we continued with established visual motifs from Round Tables, like the stage prop setting and modular techniques.
Generic Open
Segment ID
Insta Bug
NFL100 Super Bowl Week
All of our work culminated in our NFL100 themed graphics package for Super Bowl Week. It came together in a visual look using gold in a way that is celebratory, honoring the past, yet energized by an earth-shaking physicality, pointing to the next generation of the NFL players. We continued the modular theme, allowing us to quickly customize our elements in support of the Network's storytelling through the season to the Super Bowl.
Flash Wipes
Continuing with a theme of physicality, we applied real world principals to create organic lens effects, digitally.
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NFL Network Motion Graphics 2019 Case Study

NFL Network Motion Graphics 2019 Case Study

Broadcast motion graphics and design for the NFL Network, 2019.