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    Poster for the Coloured Sweat concert at Tetris club, Trieste (Italy).

A black and white poster for a colouful concert. And an ‘optical one’ at the same time. These are the two concepts that stand behind the creation of this manifesto made for the Coloured Sweat — a experimental indie rock band from Trieste, Italy — concert at Tetris club. What could seem as a simple in-black printed texture made of small triangles onto a blank paper hides — if you stare for a while at it — the band’s name. A hidden typography, crafted accurately by adding small thicknesses at some triangles of the texture (you can view the achieving process and the technique by scrolling down the page), adds an element of surprise to the poster that is — otherwise — pretty atypical (with the use of clean pagination and rigid grids) for a psychedelic/fusion musical genre.
Details —

Zooming on the poster:

The making of
hidden typography —

Here below there are seven images that explain in detail the achievement of the hidden writing. Everything starts from ‘common’ letters placed all over the texture, decomposed and re-edited once obtained the right thicknesses around the characters borders needed to provide the ‘seen-but-not-immediately’ effect.


Art direction and graphic design → Aleš Brce.