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    Identity and branding for energy saving campaign for Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies.
”Working with Snask is incredibly fun and extremely inspiring. They add a very high level of creativity and are very involved in the issue. The results speaks for itself and are highly appreciated by us but also by our members and their tenants.”
Nina Rådström-Oldertz, Head of Communications and Business Development
Early 2012, SABO (Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies) called us at Snask. They wanted us to help them launch their largest information campaign to date, about how people can save energy and reduce unnecessary energy usage. The goal was to reach and engage SABO’s 300 affiliated companies, and their tennants. We were ultimately challenged to change the behaviour of 1.4 million people living in SABO affiliated
houses across Sweden!
Allmännyttans Energisparkampanj (”The publics interest’s energy saving campaign”) is an informative name, which at the same time lets people know that Allmännyttan (“The public interest”) is a force to be reckoned with. To communicate all types of unnecessary energy usage we created the ”Energy workers”, a conceptualisation of humans as energy workers living behind people’s walls. When people use energy they go to work generating the electricity being used. it’s a full time occupation. Whenever unnecessary energy is used, they sweat excessively, they scream and get really pissed off – as they should! We hope to condition the negative impact from your energy excesses. Acting towards a more sustainable earth is one of the greatest virtues of the 21st century.
Our brand strategy, graphic identity and communication concept has been implemented in more touch points than ever before: graphic manual, tv-ads, print-ads, online game and banner campaign, campaign web, events and merchandise such as shower-timer and a dish cloth.
On the release date 82 companies had connected and were engaged in the campaign, 300% more companies than our initial goal. Now in 2013, 116 companies have connected and tv-ads and print-ads are rolled out all over Sweden according to the implementation plan. The campaign is set to continue until 2015 and people’s behaviour have started to change but the process will take time. Help us out by visiting the campaign web and learn how you can reduce your energy usage!