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    Stockholm city decided to document the meat packaging districts history through creating an elegant book.
”We wanted an extremely creative edge! With Snask as our choice of agency we got more than we could ever dream.”
Ulf Heimdahl, CEO, Informationsförlaget
Stockholm´s meatpackaging district has been the heart of the city’s food supply for over 100 years. In 2012 Stockholm city decided to document its history through creating an elegant book about one of the most important areas of the city. Snask was hand-picked to the project by the PR-agency JMW and the publishing house Informationsförlaget and asked to create a book that would push the limits of beautiful design.
Together with JMW & Informationsförlaget, we set out to create a new category of books: the meat-table-book. A conversation-starter packed with intriguing photos, butcher´s anecdotes, Swedish traditional food recipes and never-before-seen archive material from the city museum. We named the book ”Meat & Blood” (sv. “Kött & blod”) to make it eye-catching in the shelves. Design was inspired by the areas arcitechture , such as white dirty tiles, meat hooks and blood. Passing the area on the subway, people get aware and recognise it by its 25x5m neon sign at the entrance. So when choosing how to make the book cover, we saw no other choice than to build the title typography as a neon sign. All in all we´ve been in-charge of book design, editorial design and art direction.
Stockholm city is very proud and super happy of their new book. 192 pages of mind-blowing meat-stories and a neon sign that the meat packaging district, Stockholm city and the publisher is fighting over to put on their wall.