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    Sweden's most notorious PR-agency got a new visual identity, style and symbols to tattoo on employees.
”Snask is completely fabulous and incredibly fun and friendly. If I got to be a design firm, I would be Snask”
2012, Per Eriksson, Co-founder of Studio Total
Everywhere Studio Total go, people seem to have opinions about their dirty methods and magnificent marketing results. Without a doubt, ST became Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s most known PR agency in mid 2010. Since then, their advertising campaigns have stolen millions of people’s attention world wide. Late 2010, ST called and told us that amongst thousands of branding agencies, they wanted Snask to align their visual identity with their true brand essence.
Snask started by getting to know Studio Total’s co-founders Tomas Mazetti and Per Cromwell. Over dinner and champagne, we discussed their brand essence The shape of advertising to come. Our talks – that could qualifiy for TED – lead us to one significant brand insight: If ST are going to continue to entertain, they need a visual identity that is a counter-part to their provoking nature. With that in mind, we created their brand around credibility, elegance and mystique. We conceived a visual identity where the name – Studio Total – isn’t part of the logotype, and where the Icon – ST – is printed white on white. To mystify things even more, we’ve created a set of shakesperian icons that represents ST culture, values and vision.
When launching their brand, ST opened a temporary office in a hotel room in central Stockholm. ST re-decorated it following our brand guideline and invited clients to meet them in a Rock’n’Roll environment, just like The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger once did at Hyacint Inn in L.A in the 60s. Rumours also say that Mazetti has started to tattoo himself with the brand icons and that employees and interns are encouraged to do the same. ST’s story will continue to entertain and we bet you’ll be reading about it when making front page news.