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    Design and brand identity created by hand, by members of the National Association of Swedish Handicraft.
”Snask succedded far beyond our expectations. Our graphic identity and communication is now handmade, representing everything that our members (the swedish handicraft movement) live and breathe.”
Kerstin Andersson Åhlin, Secretary General, Swedish Handicraft Movement
Established in 1912 the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies (SHR) celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2012. The organisation consists of 8 retail shops, 22 regional offices and over 17 000 members. When all lights are on, they are going to change people’s perception of what handicraft means in today’s society. What once only meant a sustainable way of living, creating your own arts and home appliances, have now expanded to include D.I.Y, Guerilla, Craftivism, Recycling and everything made by hand really.
Armed with SHR’s existing brand platform, Snask realised their brand essence: with our hands we shape the future. We turned what to communicate into how to communicate, creating a visual identity and communication based around “Everything SHR say, we say by hand”.
By engaging and inspiring the whole movement Snask managed to unite everyone under one new brand, Hemslöjden. To make the visual identity genuine, we engaged SHR’s own members in creating the logo.
Snask united one Sweden’s oldest and most genuine grassroot movements, under one brand idea fittingly to the 100th anniversary. Every regional office now use one coherent visual identity with pride, using brand guidelines to produce branded material with accuracy.