World Citizen    
We got the task to visualise the electronic music of Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian, 'World Citizen (I won't be disappointed)'. I had the song on repeat and started to do my interpretation of the lyrics. 

My understanding of the song 'world citizen', is a person who (obviously) belongs to the world. He has no country that he can call his home, and often despise certain actions of the nation he comes from. I later read that this song was written by David Sylvian as a protest to the war in Iraq.
I had a picture in my head of a human-like shape who was blinded by the actions of his nation. Who just could not stand by and watch what is happening.
I cut out a cardboard figure and sign (3m wide), and then hung it with ropes between the trees.

The photo was taken with a 30' shutter speed in Ekeberg, Oslo. Just some minor adjustments in photoshop.