Nepal - Patan to Giri
I had an afternoon in Patan before leaving for Giri.  I went down to the Durbar Square where I found a kickboxing tournament ending.  As darkness fell I walked through the narrow streets and had a look at the Golden Temple, where I photographed one of the two monks 'on duty', a seven year old boy.

The following morning, I was collected from my hotel for the seven hour drive to Giri.  I took the portrait of the girl in the brown pashmina in a restaurant where we stopped for lunch. It was a festival day in the hills near Giri and we came across a 'witch doctor' who was in a trance and dancing/staggering in an increasingly erratic way.  Eventually, some villagers tried to calm him down.  We met the children on a walk through Giri after our arrival, and visited a monastery above Giri on the evening of 'pension day'.