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DE&DE/Brutal minimalism
   Brutal minimalism
     This four roomed apartment total area 130 m2 is located in the very center of Moscow. The owners of the flat are keen on dark interior pallets, so the main task in front of our interior studio was to create minimalistic space using dark color palette in a balanced way.
    The initial space planning was totally reorganized and, as a result, the flat was divided into private and common areas. Common area consists of united kitchen and living room. In this space, we designed media zone in an interesting way using large ceramic and milled wooden panels. The construction also combines the desk for short home business hours. For kitchen area design we used German brand “Leicht” with its’ up-to-date concrete finishes.
     While decorating bathrooms we made an accent on an interesting marble called “Sahara noir” with its gorgeous wild texture. Black fittings support dark accents while wooden finish ceramics adds the needed soft touch to the whole interior design.
    Private area consists of three bedrooms decorated in more neutral color palette. In interior design of this part we gave our preference to custom made wooden panels and ceramic tiles. 
DE&DE/Brutal minimalism