Pixelles Islands
Client: Self promotion.
Responsibilities: graphic design and illustration.
In 2013, I was invited to be one of the keynote speakers at  the J and Beyond conference.
My session (the slides are available here) was about how designers and developers can work side by side for a professional and lasting relationship.
I imagined the web process as a long journey where these two professional figures have to rely on each other’s skills. To help people follow me on this imaginary trip (and to keep them focused on my presentation), I created a limited edition poster that illustrates the map of the make-believe Pixelles Islands.
The first part of the poster lists the skills and tools that both the designer and the developer must take in their “suitcases” to survive this long trip.
 On the other side of the poster, the map shows the different stages that both will encounter during the web developing process and each level is represented by a specific landscape (for example, there is a Zen temple for the Planning Stage a cluster of factories for the Building Stage). At the end of this long process, if they both have successfully completed each level, the designer and the developer can take a rest and enjoy the beautiful beach and a lovely sunset.
The posters are numbered by hand. 
500 Pieces. Munken Pure matt paper by Arctic Paper, 170gr. Printed in CMYK.
Printed with love by A-OPSI, Athens.
The fonts used are Open Source:
Sofia by Latino Type
Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck