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    Τζουγκρί (Cretan Restaurant)
Tzougkri (Cretan Restaurant)

This is a college project in which we were asked to create the identity and a menu catalogue for an ethnic restaurant. I chose to work on a Cretan Restaurant named Tzougkri which means "hard rock" in the local dialect.
Crete is a greek island with stong roots and tradition.It is well known for its mediterranean cuisine and local goodies such as tsipouro, honey, cheese etc.It is also a region famous about its hospitality and the traditional music.So i tried to bring to life these special characteristics of the island by taking inspiration from local figures and activities, cretan musical instruments and its long regions.
For the logo and the patterns i've created, my inspiration comes from the local head scarf as well as the grapes from which the famous tsipouro is made.

The identity as well as the menu are dominated by black n white typography, combined with a series of old pictures from the everyday life in the island aiming to make the customer feel like he is not only reading a menu catalogue but he is also taking a small journey to the roots of Crete.
Thanks for watching!