Industrial Design

Modular Hairdryer & Iron
2018 Reddot Concept Award Winner
2019 IDEA Silver

'Edge' is a travel set that consists of a hair dryer and iron for businessman. It consists of three parts: 'Multi Handle', 'Edge Hairdryer Module’, 'Edge Iron Module'. 'Multi Handle' has a button to control the product for using and both modules work with 'Multi Handle'.

For businessman, one of the important things on a business trip is meeting clients. Therefore, appearance is a important part they should care about. However, as businessman prefers a small bag that can be carried easily, formal outfits normally get wrinkled in the bag. An iron is needed to remove wrinkles from clothes. But what if there is no iron in the room where he stays and laundry service is not available? Same problems happen when using a hair dryer. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We were wondering how to make the two products (hair dryer, iron) that are essential for businessman easier to use and portable. And we have come up with a solution that combines the structural similarities of the two products into one. Edge is a travel product with modules that you can easily carry with you, combining parts of the power supply for one to use both hair dryer and iron. As this product with module has to work as both iron and hair dryer, we thought it needed a button that would allow a user to use without being confused while using a single handle. By providing this as a dial button, we made it easy to adjust the intensity of the heat.
We have adopted a slide structure for intuitive and easy combination of each module. This not only allows the user to easily combine the modules, but also reduces the risk of the module being easily detached while using the product.

Hairdryer Module

Iron Module

Dial button that controls the power of the heat & Power supply to usb type-c

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