Decease in Relation
     Everybody can't escape the cycle of life and death, that affected on the way of life, relationship, as well as mentality of our family members and closed ones. Mostly, these sadness never disappear from my feelings. Together with the external impact, it influenced on the concept of this art works.
The Kiss, Lithograph, 74 x 39 cm, 2012
The Kiss II, Lthograph, 39 x 72 cm, 2012
The Kiss III, Lithograph, 72 x 39 cm, 2012
The Kiss IV, Lithograph, 72 x 39 cm, 2012
Landscape of Lost, Lithograph, 70 x 32 cm, 2012
Landscape of Lost III, Etching and Aquatint, 70 x 32 cm, 2012
Dear Lament, Etching and Aquatint, 35 x 75 cm, 2012
Regret, Etching and Aquatint, 85 x 35 cm, 2012
Decease in Relation