A select collection of web experiences 
designed last year
These projects were all conceptualise and created at the Liquidink Design studio in 2019

We developed the a strong visual language for Plume blending their brand colours 
to create a unique style for the product and online communication.

Initial sketches and transition experiments

Final Visual designs and transitions

Created a series of explorations working with Ubuntu's design teams to represent the future of 
IOT systems playing a pivotal role in influencing positive change in city planning, digital signages and farming. 

Initial Sketches


Explorations of the illustrations in context of the web experience

Collaborated with the wonderful team at Involvio based in United States to build a unique visual design language 
for the various pages in their web experience 

Simplified way to get insurance
Conceptualised the UX and Visual language definition for a Canada based life insurance startup

These icons were visualised by Sakshi Kohli animated by Sneha Agarwal, Ritika Khinvasara

Conceptualise the entire visual language and the overall design direction for their apps and web experience for a German based startup - MailPoet 

Thanks for making it 
all the way!

Thankyou to Plume, Ubuntu, Involvio, MailPoet
for the wonderful collaboration.
Experience Design/ Concept/ Creative Direction  - Liquidink Design

Web Experiences - 2019