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Jaydan Aka Jamie Cope hails from Leicester and has been into drum & bass ever since discovering it through his older brothers love of the music, having grown up on a diet of ska and 80’s electronic music.
As the music started to evolve into the jungle/drum & bass sound in the early 90’s he became hooked and at the age of 16 attended his first big rave at the legendary Sanctuary in Milton Keynes. With inspiration gained from the likes of LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Hype, Fabio and Jumping Jack Frost after attending a string of seminal raves, he knew that he wanted to be a DJ; under the watchful eye of likeminded local head DJ Skitzo, Jaydan began to learn his way round the turntables. Read more ...
Journeys EP
Jaydan’s signature take on jump up turns heads in any set, and the new Journeys EP is no exception. Heavyweight vibes lace the six track collection and will be sure to keep even the hardest DnB heads going into the early hours.
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You can buy EP through Playaz web-site.
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