Ron Telpner
The Man, The Myth, The Manolos
He is a master of the pun, often delivered with a wry leer that would make a stripper blush. He is a 30-odd-year veteran of the ad world, first in Winnipeg, lately Toronto. He was once my boss, when I worked for his ad agency, The Brainstorm Group, as an art director. Ron Telpner is a man not so much connected to his inner child as he is in denial as to ever having reached adulthood.

I recently had the chance to photograph Ron, the son of a Winnipeg photojournalist, an inveterate collector of ephemera, an underappreciated wordsmith and a fashionista extraordinaire who can boast a rolodex of some of the most prestigious names in the varied worlds of entertainment.

He came to the studio, saw our setup and declared it good. He brought two jackets, five pairs of glasses, four hats and his “Cancer Kicking Boots”, an $800 pair of
designer shoes he bought to commemorate his recent victory over colon cancer. Ron’s like that.