Packaging: BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition
The images below detail the FULL PROCESS of the Ultimate Songbird Edition packaging,
from concepts, digital comps, to final boxes.
I concepted the structure and design of the Ultimate Songbird Edition packaging, which included the outer blue box packaging (not pictured), the Songbird packaging (above), the Handyman Figurine box, the Murder of Crows keychain box, the various platform-specific inserts, the Lithograph envelope, and provided support/feedback on the final execution of the Mini Art Book cover.
Above: The final Songbird packaging.
Below: Structural exploration for the Ultimate Songbird Edition, before we eventually locked on the idea to give the songbird statue its own box/container.
Below: Original pitch of the Songbird box and how it might fit into an exterior "shell" box, along with reference for the stylization, color palette, and the reasoning for the windows in regards to the structure of the overall packaging.
Below: Additional detail shots of the songbird box exterior. Edges designed to look worn, to compliment potential damages from travel or storage.
Various Songbird illustrations by Robb Waters and Duke & Dimwit illustrations by Jorge Lacera.
The pop of blue on the inside of the packaging is to support the vintage patriotic color palette (faded parchment, orange-red, and blue), while also giving a simple backdrop to the Songbird figure.
Above: The final Handyman figurine box, lettering taken from in-game signage and typography.
Below: The original comp, superimposed onto a white box sample.
Above: The Murder of Crows keychain packaging (box) has a matching pop of blue on the interior as the Songbird packaging.
Below: Exterior of the final Murder of Crows packaging (box). Lettering taken from in-game signage and typography.
Below: Flat layout of the Murder of Crows box when compared to the "bag," which was included within the Premium Edition.
The miniature lithograph envelope and the two smaller boxes, for scale.
The inserts were created by taking in-game assets (signage and adverts) and editing them with new typography to promote the soundtrack and the upgrades. The Home Themes (PS3) and Avatars (XBox360) inserts used the key art.
Watch 'Superfan' Andrew Goldfarb of IGN unbox the Ultimate Songbird Edition.
Watch Ken Levine discuss the Songbird figure and its packaging, video by Keith Shetler.