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    A Chinese New Year red packet done for Leo Burnett to be given to the clients.
    Good wishes are meant to be shared    
During the year of economic uncertainty, Leo Burnett Malaysia wanted a Chinese New Year card that is able to share the good wishes of prosperity to its recipients. With the belief of "good wishes are meant to be shared", the card is designed to be incorporated with a most significant item during the celebration - Ang Pow (red packet) to convey the blessings of the sender.
This card set can be torn up into 9 message cards with individual illustration, and each design is connected to a chinese proverb which carries an auspicious meaning. Apples are seen to appear on each illlustration as it reflects Leo Burnett’s identity, the "Apple Story". Each of  the small message card can then be put into the Ang Pow that are to be given away during the celebration.

Designed by
nic soh & yik yann