Bratpack Peg Catalog SS13
Bratpack asked me to do another Peg Catalog for their back-to-school issue, making this the third catalog I did for them. I was very excited and also a bit pressured, honestly, because I knew I needed to challenge myself and come up with something better and different. After a sit-down conversation with the brand, we decided to focus on colors as the theme for this set.

I believe this catalog is by far the most physically (and mentally) taxing of all three catalogs I’ve done. We inhaled spray paint while painting the props, and the photo shoot lasted up to eight hours—both on the same day. Having settled on a sane pagination was one of the best feelings ever, along with dropping out four complex sets. Doing the artworks actually took its toll on me. I even broke down because I felt so pressured and stressed since I squeezed out all the ideas I could (I even wrecked my notebook in the process, hahaha). But I realized that all I needed was to give my brain a break and voila! It started working again.
This is one of those projects I'd never thought I'd finish, but thankfully, I was able to. There were just some dark moments that threatened to extinguish my hope. But I’m glad I rose above them.
I included files of the non-printed version here as well since I'd like you to see the colors I intended for the catalog. The final print came out darker than expected, even though we took precautions already, like lightening the pages and such.
Special thanks to Zyrael Fortes for helping us out with the spray painting of the props and the photo shoot! Thanks also to John Reyes for the product shots.
I hope you enjoy looking at this catalog as much as I did when I was doing it!
You can get a copy of this catalog from any Bratpack store nationwide.
Art, Design, and Photography by Raxenne Maniquiz
Copy by Miguel de Dios
The brand wanted to highlight their collaboration with Jansport. I am happy to say that the bag in the cover is also my design! You can view that project here. :)

For the covers, I really wanted to bring to life the design of the Jansport x Bratpack bag. We bought a human heart and a brain. We can't find a decent bird so I just used a stock photo. Haha. This is also a play with, study (front) and well, play (back). This is still a back-to-school issue, but I don't really want it to be in-your-face. Hahaha.
I got that small cabinet for only P235! That's roughly $6!
I just love that Obey x InCase backpack in the middle!
On the right side is the set of vouchers. It's perforated so you can present them at the stores. They'll just stamp it so you can keep the vouchers as bookmarks, or just keepsakes. I really love the quote Miguel wrote. "All books are really just chatty trees." :)
I am very happy how the sticker set turned out. It's an insert in the middle of the catalog. The photo below is the actual set.
I'd like to thank Zyrael and Miguel for letting me stalk their Twitter for some of the blurbs I used. :)
That beige notebook was the one I wrecked. it still lives. :)
This is my favorite voucher set. I especially loved doing the third one with the bird pattern.
I think the purple layout is my favorite major page. I really love the copy Miguel provided for this one, which brought everything together! It's just disappointing that the supplier didn't get the color I sent them. You can see the actual colors below though. :)
Spot pseudo-Barney!
There's also a contest inside! Just design your own paper foldable in any way you want, and you can win up to P5000 worth of Bratpack GCs! :)
And here are the digital files! Enjoy! :)
These are the two alternatives for the cover. We decided to use the blue one so that we could differentiate the current cover with the previous ones which used pale backgrounds.
Here are some behind-the-scenes photos! This photo shoot was just very very very tiring. We started at around 5pm and ended at 12am. But it was equally fulfilling after we were done. Hahaha.
The setting-up part was the reason we took so long. We really have to balance out the layout.
We still found the time to goof around. We were just so tired after one layout and decided to blend in with the props. I edited them after. Haha.
The Photographer
The Brand
The Associate
UPDATE! (August 22, 2013)
The catalog got featured in the August 2013 issue of Computer Arts UK.
I would like to clear some things though:
1. I’m NOT minimalist. I clearly said I was a maximalist in the questionnaire! And it's obvious. Haha.
2. I never said I was the go-to designer.
3. It’s Maniquiz, not Manequiz.
But still, thanks CA! :)
UPDATE! (March 30, 2014)
This catalog won Silver at the adobo Design Awards 2014! Yay! :)
Bratpack Peg Catalog SS13

Bratpack Peg Catalog SS13

This is Bratpack's Peg catalog, Back-to-School/Spring 2013 issue.